Oases of Bed-Stuy

A year ago, I wrote about deserts of Bed-Stuy as I considered moving to Brooklyn. Since living here, I have made a few discoveries:

  • NYC Green Carts are near bus and subway stops I frequent.
  • I enjoy improvising with, eating, and sharing produce from a CSA.
  • Fresh herbs from volunteering at the Revolutionary Era Garden are a potent complement to farm share produce.

Because of my work in lower Manhattan, I have spent more time frequenting the various locations of The Bean than inhabiting Brooklyn’s numerous coffee offerings (but The Bean’s coffee is roasted in Brooklyn). One of my favorite weekend treats, however, is to pair a stop at Gorilla Coffee with a taste of Israel at Kulushkat.

My observations on residing in New York City have produced more questions than answers. On Bowery, million-dollar condominiums are being built across the street from a homeless shelter. The membership of my local CSA looks more diverse than the clientele of the independent coffee shops I visit. The development of Fort Greene Park is unbalanced. As an artistic professional African-American, I am still figuring out how I fit in this so-called melting pot.

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