The career of composer-pianist and writer Krystal J. Folkestad, nee Grant, spans from lecture-recitals in elementary schools of her hometown, Birmingham, Alabama, to performances at experimental venues in New York City. She has taught in college classrooms, after-school programs, a homeless shelter, and a senior center. She majored in piano performance and Spanish at Vanderbilt University, where she developed her passion for producing multicultural artistic experiences. With her Ph.D. in composition from Stony Brook University, she has taught composition and music theory at Virginia Commonwealth University and Lancaster Bible College. She has researched human trafficking and ethical fashion to write for nonprofit and social enterprise blogs. She lives with her husband and son in Richmond, Virginia, where she creates an oasis for underrepresented music students through tutoring, composing, and speaking.

Curriculum VitaeArtist StatementTeaching Philosophy

Her projects include underrepresented composers.
She performs in zero-waste dresses and fair-trade jewelry.
She supports social enterprises and justice.

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