Makers and their enterprises have made me healthier in body and spirit

The only way along this path was leaning on this tree.

One way the world is broken is the invisibility of people who make our clothes and produce our food. From garment workers buried alive to service workers verbally abused, makers are frequently treated as less than human. We do not have to ignore these distressing headlines and anecdotes: we can listen to makers, consume less, choose secondhand, local, and ethically made goods, and support policies that promote equality, justice, and kindness for all.

I explain why I keep returning to some of my favorite social enterprises below. Clicking on a link may give you a discount and give me a small commission.

While becoming my favorite fashion brand, tonle has taught me about zero-waste design and manufacturing, decolonization, white supremacy, and white saviorism.

From United By Blue, I learned that my whole body breathes better in hemp and organic cotton than in polyester, nylon, and elastane.