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Listening to Arrival

I fell in love with linguistics because of a course in my undergraduate second major in Spanish. Our class at Vanderbilt University started in Latin, followed how sounds and spellings became Spanish (distinct from other Romance languages), and further traced dialectal variants from the Mediterranean coast to the Andes mountains. The systematic explanation of how… Continue reading Listening to Arrival


Stephen Schwartz at My Wedding

Stephen Schwartz did not attend my wedding, but he was present in music. With my groom and I, my wedding guests and participants sang "Day by Day" from Schwartz's musical Godspell as one of the two congregational songs at the ceremony. I first heard the song because my mother sang it when I was a… Continue reading Stephen Schwartz at My Wedding


Thirty Years in Cuban Music

  Berklee College of Music in Boston treats with seriousness and depth music I am passionate about. I spent my undergraduate career immersed in the poetry of Nicolas Guillen and emerged with an original song cycle, an honors paper featuring Cuban composers, and two class presentations based on his work. When I graduated, I abandoned… Continue reading Thirty Years in Cuban Music