• Nourishing Beauty on a Cloudy Day (3/16/2019) - We arrived at The Cafe at Thistle Farms on a cloudy Sunday afternoon in early March. As my family added baby decorations to the space, I paused...
  • I’m Still Learning from MIT (10/27/2018) - ...When my dissertation prospectus was approved, I often checked the MIT website for any academic or administrative job my qualifications or experience might fit. "...The intellectual spirit of this place has significantly influenced me..." I wrote in one of two cover letters...
  • Living Among Confederates (9/13/2018) - “I see Confederates everyday,” I said to a friend last weekend. My two regulars are an unnamed artillery loader on my walk to work and a Revolutionary War Veteran who became a Confederate cavalry leader on my drive from my neighborhood to a main thoroughfare. I have not lived in Richmond, Virginia long enough to… Continue reading Living Among Confederates


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