• The Men Who Fried Eggs (1/14/2018) - My parents do not fry eggs because they prefer the well-doneness of scrambling and boiling. Thus, I was in awe as a teenager when spending the night with a middle-aged couple from church resulted in a fried egg for breakfast. The wife had to go work earlier than the husband, so he was the one… Continue reading The Men Who Fried Eggs
  • Krystal as photographed by Jon Little A Year Without NYC (1/3/2018) - 2017 was the first year I did not go to New York City since 2005. When I started graduate school at Stony Brook University on Long Island, I first visited the city to celebrate my birthday...
  • historic newspaper Inspiring Newspaper Ethics (12/9/2017) - I was not surprised at the clarity and depth of this reporting, but seeking the reason for the editor's note that balanced the op-ed led me to something impressive...


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