• I’m Still Learning from MIT (10/27/2018) - ...When my dissertation prospectus was approved, I often checked the MIT website for any academic or administrative job my qualifications or experience might fit. "...The intellectual spirit of this place has significantly influenced me..." I wrote in one of two cover letters...
  • Living Among Confederates (9/13/2018) - “I see Confederates everyday,” I said to a friend last weekend. My two regulars are an unnamed artillery loader on my walk to work and a Revolutionary War Veteran who became a Confederate cavalry leader on my drive from my neighborhood to a main thoroughfare. I have not lived in Richmond, Virginia long enough to… Continue reading Living Among Confederates
  • What Bright Spots Accompany the Moon (6/20/2018) - a photo of Mercury from MESSENGER, NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center a poem inspired by my view on the evening of June 15, 2018 with special thanks to my father who often paused to walk into the front yard and look up at the stars and… Continue reading What Bright Spots Accompany the Moon


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