An artist of music and words encounters the world

Hi, I’m Krystal. Sometimes what moves me leads to composing music, poetry, or prose. Welcome to the gallery of my prose.

Why I Asked “Are You Okay?”

When I was a full-time professor, a student I knew from my department hurried out of the choir room immediately after singing a musical theater solo about suicide. I did not know why the student left, but I thought, “Someone should go check on him.”

No First Day of School

Whether we are teenagers or grandparents, teachers or students, at home or in temporary shelter, the first day of school is different for many of us this year. I have participated in this annual event since I was in kindergarten, but for Fall 2020, I have no first day of school. I am no longer… Continue reading No First Day of School

Becoming an Abolitionist

Mentor, shepherd, listener, and advocate are identities I readily see in myself. While these roles nurture, empathize with, and speak up for others, the term hero is weightier for me…


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