Instrumental Compositions

Burning Bush Variations : piano (2015)



Sweet Death from Out of the Ghetto : arranged for violin and piano (2011)

Words that End in E : brass quintet (2010)

Mourning and Dancing : clarinet, violin, and piano (2009)

The H Trio : violin, cello, and piano (2008)

Excursions commissioned by Bethany Cencer : bassoon and harpsichord (2008)

Nocturne Impromptu commissioned by Kliment Krylovskiy : clarinet (2007)

Cobalt commissioned by Rebekah Griffin-Greene : trombone and double bass (2007)

A Child’s Thoughts : flute, violin, percussion, and piano (2006)

Crux : percussion duo (2006)

Out of the Ghetto : clarinet, viola, and piano (2004)

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