Artist Statement

Wielding time has primacy in my compositional process. Rhythm and form are the backbone of my improvisatory melody, harmony, and layering. From many months of weekly attendance at open mic sessions, I have been impacted by the melodic contours of jazz drumming. The meters of spoken word drive me to write vocal music and to use software to meditate on potent texts. I frequently write for small ensembles of instruments because I am drawn to the interaction of individual performers.

With training in classical music and free improvisation, I use the piano to share life with people. I thrive on performing in informal spaces, such as soloing in cafes and art galleries and incorporating piano samples in multimedia installations at churches. Scores by Bach, Gershwin, and Cuban classical composers frequent my music stand while I cherish a few sublime moments of playing alongside diverse musicians. I equally enjoy accompanying concert artists and cohorts of carolers. My current role as a music professor gives me the opportunity to help others make music in ways that bolster their aspirations.


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