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July 2018 Spotlight:

Noonday Collection

“…You and I can be vessels of something important, when our choices help others achieve their dreams.” – Jessica Honegger, founder

park respite in a Noonday necklace
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tonle Equal Exchange
Global Girlfriend Thistle Farms
Noonday Collection Alaffia
Ten Thousand Villages Women’s Bean Project
Krochet Kids intl. The Lancaster Food Company
Love Justly Wild Rose
Goodwill Lush

The world is broken. Some of its scars are the invisibility of those who make our clothes and produce our food. From garment workers buried alive to service workers verbally abused, makers are frequently treated as less than human. We do not have to ignore these distressing headlines and anecdotes: we can buy secondhand clothing, fair trade goods, and products with transparency from source to store.