• Collaborating to Combat Underrepresentation (10/26/2020) - “...Underrepresented” described our community of scholars and what I had been feeling as a learner and maker of classical music.
  • Why I Asked “Are You Okay?” (9/30/2020) - When I was a full-time professor, a student I knew from my department hurried out of the choir room immediately after singing a musical theater solo about suicide. I did not know why the student left, but I thought, “Someone should go check on him.”
  • No First Day of School (8/24/2020) - Whether we are teenagers or grandparents, teachers or students, at home or in temporary shelter, the first day of school is different for many of us this year. I have participated in this annual event since I was in kindergarten, but for Fall 2020, I have no first day of school. I am no longer… Continue reading No First Day of School


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